Love Her

2015 studio album; Painting by Tim Schools

Schools takes us to a musical world not heard from in some time.    Schools has always harbored an intense love of music and his project Wear A New Face has allowed him to express that love in ways, that, like his paintings, offer you a unique perspective on the human experience.   The scenes and imagery in his paintings come from his imagination and are often referred to as a bygone era, while at the same time compelling and inviting the viewer to step into the frame and join the subjects. His music inspires the same reaction.  He approaches both arts with the same enthusiasm.

His latest album, Love Her, that he has teamed up with Joey Molland of the band Badfinger will give the same inspiration.  Tim and his band have put forth their talent for the listener to step in and feel the music as it opens the heart.  His new sounds of sheer beauty and intelligence are released.


Videos from Love Her album.  All the songs are available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Concrete – Love Her album

Bipolar Woman – Love Her album

Love Her – Love Her album

Fell In Love – single


Tim Schools and his band


Joey Molland, Rick Anderson, Tim Schools, Brian Jentges


Joey Molland & Tim Schools at Fenway Park

at Fenway Park

From right: Chris Sinclair, Tim Schools, Joey Molland and friends at Fenway Park












Tim Schools – Wear A New Face

2008 studio album; a collaboration of Tim Schools and Joey Molland, produced by Joey Molland.

Tim Schools: lead vocals, harmonies and acoustic guitar
Joey Molland: lead and rhythm guitars, and percussion
Rick Anderson: bass guitar
Randy Anderson: lead and rhythm guitar
Brian Jentges: drums
Joe Savage: harmonica on the song ‘Disappear’

Molland is the only existing member of  the legendary band “Badfinger”, and was sideman to George Harrison and John Lennon.

Cover:   Tim Schools, self-portrait

available for purchase (order from CdBaby) or (order from Amazon)
(download from (iTunes) or (Bandcamp)



Tim Schools – The T Schools Experience


2003 studio album; a collaboration of Tim Schools and the late Derek Frigo, the last album produced by Derek Frigo.  Frigo is the son of the late Johnny Frigo, the legendary Chicago Jazz violinist.

Tim Schools: lead vocals and harmonies
Derek Frigo: guitar, bass and background vocals
Vikki Foxx: drums

All songs written by Tim Schools and Derek Frigo except ‘Sweet Anabelle Eyes’ by Brent David Fraser

Cover:   Tim Schools with photographs of his paintings

available for download (from CdBaby) or (from Amazon)

or ( iTunes) or (Bandcamp)



  • Timothy Schools Videos:

How Do I Live  –  the T Schools Experience album

Waiting For You  –  Wear A New Face album

Rock City  –  Wear A New Face album

Pot Of Gold  –  Wear A New Face album

King of Kings – Words and music by Tim Schools and Joey Molland, Garage Band Christmas Vol 2 album

Norwegian Wood

For You Blue (Live In Chicago)


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